You've made one of life's most exciting decisions- AND NOW there are so many more to make!!!

WHEN, WHERE, and HOW? And of course the FOOD! The FOOD! The FOOD! 

WEST COAST EVENTS specializes in helping couples create fantastic wedding memories!
 We bring the expertise to all areas of the menu and food service planning.

Planning a successful wedding takes serious energy and focus. 

            Some important steps to take: 

1. Begin  considering what will be needed: Locate and secure your site, tent,  silverware, glassware, dishes, linens, tables, chairs, D.J., sound  system, dance floors, flowers, table centerpieces, etc. 

2. What  type or theme of food do you want? What style of service (sit-down,  buffet, hors d oeurves, or family-style) some menus are more suitable  for one style of service than another. 

3. And not least, given the above expenses, determine your budget for FOOD per person, and inform us clearly! We realize you may not know exactly, and that you are gathering information, but a budget range is essential to focus our attention on creating a menu proposal to suit your needs. 

Frequently a customer will request a tasting before considering a caterer.
While this may give a feeling of how the food will taste and look for a future date,
it is largely an illusion, and here is why: 

  • The food for your event will depend on the quality of the ingredients available at that time, and our skill in acquiring and preparing them at that moment. 
  • We  create every menu from scratch for your event, with seasonal  ingredients. What you may taste months before your wedding may have  possibly been frozen, or prepared with non-seasonal ingredients. 
  • We  are known for our outstanding cuisine, presentation and quality. To  realize this level of food, we will improvise, and no dish is ever  exactly the same. 
  • We  understand your desire to know our approach to food, but we cannot  pretend that a final result will resemble a tasting. It will  undoubtedly ALWAYS be much better! 

For  these reasons we may not be able to accommodate your request for an  EARLY tasting, or we may charge a fee for the tasting. A caterer's  reputation for consistent quality is your best assurance of what you  will receive. 


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